Device Support 

Certificate Management

A push certificate is required in order for Mosyle MDM to communicate with your Apple devices. The certificate establishes a trusted connection between your device and the Mosyle MDM server.

Device Enrollment

Automated Device Enrollment for iOS/iPadOS and Device Enrollment for MacOS

BYOD Enrollment

Custom profiles for BYOD devices managed by company MDM

imac screen

Payload Management

Installing MacOS on APFS volume, switching Boot Drives on MacOS and Installing iPad/iPhone.

MacOS Profile Setting Options

Exclusive profiles using AD certificate, allowed and blocked apps, Apple Remote Desktop, Content Caching, Custom Commands and much more.

iOS/iPadOS Profile Options

Multi Cert profile, Kiosk Mode, Home Layout, Network Usage rules, Single Sign-on, Restrictions Profile, Wifi Authentication, LDAP and more


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